Mar 27

Kisch is lonely dreaming of someone fucking his tight twink hole. But alas he is all alone so instead he’s jerking off while he plays with his hungry hole – fingering it ever so gently then roughly as he gets close to cumming.

Mar 23

Wow. Just wow. Juancho has a smile that is going to make your heart skip a beat. He’s got a perfectly slim body and his cock grows to a thick beast as he strokes it just for you. It explodes in a huge pool of cum on his toned abs and that grin just says it all.

Mar 22

Andy has a threesome with Nico and Josh. These three lads are perfectly in tune with each other as they swap from cocks to mouths to asses to a triple explosion of satisfaction.

Mar 18

Coach Austin and Drew Sumrok are two men that know how to serve breakfast in bed! Cream with your coffee sir? Once the morning wake-up call has been made and all cocks are showing signs of life and FULLY awake, it’s time for the morning workout!

Coach starts out with some deep rimming action, great to loosen up those tight sphincter muscles. Done with the warm “up’s” it’s time for a DEEP sphincter muscle workout. Coach makes sure that Drew works out ALL muscle groups during the workout flipping him over working the back muscle, up on all 4′s to work out the legs, pulling his head back by the hair stretching the back muscles… no wonder they call him Coach Austin! What a great workout coach :)
Both men are in a full sweat by the end of this morning workout. To bring this scene to a close, watch the cumshot that Coach releases. You’ll think that you were watching Old Faithful blow in Yellowstone!

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Daddy Raunch

Mar 14

Twenty one year old Lesley is thankfully versatile. We get to know him better at the pre-game interview and we learn this is his first time in porn. Narf! Is that a Pinky tattoo I see. You don’t need brains to see that this guy is enjoying his first porn experience as he fingers his hole while he jerks furiously. He cums all over the mirror and is good enough to lick it off. Sweet young thing.

Mar 10

Welcome young smooth Leo to our couch, he has such a cheeky smirk on this face the whole time throughout this shoot, makes me want to jump right past the camera! He loves showing us his nice long uncut cock and shoots his load all over his tight lean abs. Hot.

Mar 09

If you haven’t already guessed by now we here at Tribal Twinks love the outdoors. We love to see our Latin hotties with the wind in their hair … ah who am I kidding we just want to see them naked and stroking their cocks for us. Luis is laid out on the grass which is perfect for exploring every inch of his body while he jerks off for you.

Mar 08

Now here’s a hairy twink for you – Eddie’s a real shy guy when the camera comes on but that light smattering of dark fuzz makes up for it. He’s laid out on the grass gently stroking his thick cock – just for your pleasure.

Mar 07

Kisch is home alone jerking off on the couch. He’s so engrossed in it that he doesn’t notice Jacob walking in until Jacob wraps his soft lips around Kisch’s hard cock. Sometimes your fantasy does come true as the two are then entwined sucking each others cocks. Kisch gets his rock hard raw cock and plows it into Jacobs eager ass. Jacob rides it like a pro until Kisch cums all over Jacob’s face – that will teach him for sneaking up on people!

Mar 06

Kay is back , and this time he brings a friend – Ivan! A super hung strawberry blonde bombshell with an insatiable appetite for Kays sexy uncut cock! After some very light homework, Ivan gets his lips around Kays member, and the sexy fun times go from there! Its not long before Ivan is driving his thick raw pole of a cock up Kays tight pink ass. Check out the upside down fucking in this video (I give it 5 stars) I wish I was that flexible!

Mar 04

It’s hot out today but Alvaro and Xaviar have found a cool spot in the grass. They’re stripped down to their undies but you just know they aren’t staying on for long. But check out Xaviar’s cock … his impressive tool gets an oral workout from Alvaro who then repays the favour. These boys suck – and suck good as they can’t get enough cock in their mouths. But you just know that cock is soon going to be shoved in a willing ass until the two twinks have a jerk off race to see who cums first! Go Alvaro .. Go Xaviar!!

Mar 03

Virgin alert! Kay and Deryk are having a pillow fight but before either is knocked out Deryk plants a kiss on Kay’s soft lips and the game changes to a whole new bedroom romp. Kay wraps those gorgeous lips around Deryk’s thick, uncut cock which in turn gets his hole itching for that piece of meat to be buried inside. This is Deryk’s first time with a guy but you’d never know it. They’re so keen on getting that raw cock inside that they don’t even take off their undies. These toned twinks love every moment until Deryk cums in Kay’s mouth. Tasty!!

Mar 02

This is what fucking is all about; hot, sweaty man on man sex with big cocks and endless holes. Kyle Savage takes Matt Sizemore’s ass in this video. Both are very well known porn stars and when these two fuckers get together, the anal pounding can be “heard around the world.”

Matt starts on his knees, sucking the well-endowed Kyle; “that’s fucking hot” comments Kyle. As Matt takes “the curve” of Kyle, he chokes but refuses to let go. When Kyle gets on Matt’s monster, the precum just flows. “Great fucking mouth,” compliments Matt as Kyle takes it deep. Kyle also finger fucks Matt to widen the hole he will soon be taking. “That drives me crazy” whines Matt, feeling a massage from within. As the camera pans from below, Kyle goes in for a taste of Matt’s enticing hole. Kyle then slides his curvy cock into Matt; “it hurts, but it feels so good” says Matt.

From behind, Kyle is pounding Matt as he grabs onto Matt’s harness for support. “Oh yeah, fuck me” groans Matt. Kyle then pulls out, just to dive back in. Overhead, the camera grabs a great shot of “balls to the wall.” Kyle then goes back to eating Matt out. Wanting to be “stretched out,” Kyle then fingers Matt with his cock. “Pound against me,” begs Matt as Kyle turns his partner’s hole into a “drive-thru.”

Without resistance, Kyle then obliges Matt as Matt wants to “sit on the fucker.” Both immediately moan when Matt’s welcoming “muscle” meets Kyle’s meat. “Man your cock feels good,” moans Matt, riding up and down on Kyle’s shaft. Bending Matt over, Kyle then plunders from behind. The two then go missionary style as Kyle taps at will. With a “fuck that feels good,” Matt blows his load onto his leg and snickers at the sizeable “outcum.” Kyle follows closely behind as he swallows Matt’s jizz. Using his finger to help Kyle, Matt watches intensely as Kyle groans and blows; Kyle then reciprocates and feeds Matt his “hard work.”

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Daddy Raunch

Mar 01

Daddy Jake Norris is in town and sitting in the backroom at the Ramrod pleasuring himself when our boy toy Jayson Park walks in and starts servicing daddies thick cock. Jake has no problem man handling this boy toy and bends him over the bench… “nice tight hole boy” we hear Jake say, “nice tight hole.”

Flipping Jayson over on the bench, Jake goes back in for more as we hear him say “give me that hole boy” and all Jayson could do to get “yes sir” out of his mouth. Jake pounds Jayson’s chest with his fist while pounding his tight hole. Want me to cum boy? Jayson responds “yes sir.” Jake pulls out and cums on Jayson’s hole then shoves it back in and fucks Jayson some more until he cums. Jake walks around to let Jayson suck and clean up his cock.

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Daddy Raunch